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What some of our clients have to say.....

"After many flights when I was a child with no problems, I suddenly developed this overwhelming fear of flying for no reason whatsoever. My fear was so bad that I could not even watch a plane in the sky without imagining that it was going to drop out of the sky, all sorts of dreadful thoughts were going through my head.

I visited for a session of hypnotherapy and it has totally changed my outlook on flying. I felt completely relaxed and in total control at all times. After the session I was given some relaxation techniques. I was advised to visit the airport to see how I got on, something that I certainly would not have considered before, strangely I felt quite excited at the prospect. The visit to the airport was a total success, I sat and watched the planes taking off and landing with no doubts at all.

September 2004 was my biggest achievement when I boarded a plane with a friend to spend a long weekend in Alicante. I had no apprehensions of being in the airport, boarding the plane and getting up in the air. I felt completely at ease during the whole journey and even looked out the window when we landed.

I feel that through my hypnotherapy I no longer have my fear of flying, in fact I am off on a flight to Turkey this summer, something I would never have dreamed of before."

E.P. Guildford, Surrey

" I would like to particularly thank you for the hypnotherapy, though brief. I came along sceptical and curious, hoping for positive effects.

Much to my delight and suprise I am now more confident to speak and less afraid when alone. It has broken the dam of undefined restraints and allowed a free flow of expression which I build on daily.

Once again thank you Graham for your time and energy."

M.M. Woking, Surrey

"I have felt things that were closed off to me before hypnotherapy, and four months on it is as if new things are revealing themselves as I embrace each new phase of the positive effects of the one session on this chosen matter."

"It's a bit like dominoes, if you line them up and knock over the first one and just wait, the rest follows."

"So has it done any good? Yep! And looking back it is just one very noticeable patch in the quilt of my life."

"So for those of you in life who are making it up as you go along - I didn't go crazy or lose my marbles, in fact, quite the opposite, and if you're looking for a bit of help in changing, then start by changing your mind about hypnotherapy. Give it a try."

F.C. Woking, Surrey